The Small Exchange

A New Way to Trade Equities, Commodities & Forex

The Small Exchange is making markets more accessible to more people with products that mix the efficiency of futures with the simplicity of stocks. Built on the pillars small, standard and simple, the Smalls offer easily adoptable solutions to risk management and speculative needs of the modern trader in markets ranging from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities.

Products on The Small Exchange

Small Stocks 75 (SM75)
Small Precious Metals (SPRE)
Small Dollar (SFX)
Small Global Oil (SMGO)

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Small 10YR Treasury Yield

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Diversification and Trading

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Trading the Smalls

The contracts are Small – By reducing the size of products, traders can manageable capital efficiency.

The contracts are Standard – All the Smalls share the same tick size and expiration date.  No more worrying about tick size, multiplies, or expectations. Learn them once, not by each specific product.

No market data fees – The ability to trade the Small Exchange futures without having to purchase market data. 


Universal to all Small Exchange Products

Contract Size: 100x relative index
Tick Size\\ Dollar per Tick $0.01 tick = $1.00 per tick
Trading Hours: All Smalls trade from 7am-4pm CT
Available Contracts: All Smalls are available for current and following month.
Termination: All Smalls expire on the 3rd Friday of the contract month. If the 3rd Friday is a holiday, expiration is on the previous Thursday.

Settlement: Cash-settled

Daily Limits  20%

Intraday Limits  7% 13%


SM75/Small Stocks 75

Initial: $495 Maintenance: $450

SPRE/Small Precious Metals

Initial:$225  Maintenance: $205

SFX/Small US Dollar

Initial:$159  Maintenance:$145

*Disclaimer: The above information was obtained from a third party source and thought to be reliable. Product size and margin requirements are subject to change daily. No guarantee is made. AGN Futures LLC, accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions.