Automated Trading

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Automated Trading

An automated trading strategy is a group of specific rules that determine the conditions and timing in which to buy or sell a given commodity or equity. Trading strategies are usually based on complex software using indicators (moving average, relative strength etc.) which create the strategy’s rules.


What are the advantages of using trading strategies?

  • Removing the Influences of Human Emotion – It is a well known fact that traders are frequently influenced by emotions such as fear and excitement which may cause them to stray away from their original trading plan. An automated strategy can remove these human variables from the process of executing a system’s entry or exit recommendations.
  • While it is true that human emotion is removed from system trades, be aware that humans developed the systems and there is no guarantee that these systems will produce a profit, or for that matter that these systems will not produce a loss in your trading account.
  • Accuracy of execution – the computer is not affected by fatigue or other human vulnerabilities which may cause mistakes such as pressing the wrong button.
  • High speed execution – a computer can monitor and trade multiple markets simultaneously and react much faster than a human trader.
  • Hands-free execution – once the trading strategy is running, the trader (subscriber) does not have to be tied-up to the computer. The server is the one handling the strategy management and execution.
  • Improved decision-making – trading strategies can quickly and easily handle complicated calculations required for decision making processes, whereas a human trader may encounter difficulties.

Automated Products

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Auto Trading Disclaimer:

Futures and options trading involve significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. Trading systems are designed for sophisticated investors that are able to bear the loss of more than their entire investment. Phillip Capital Inc. (PCI) pays one or more sources to obtain the rights to offer third party trading systems and to provide their actual results. Such sources are believed to be reliable however; AGN does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of any trading system or its results. Past performance of any trading system or methodology is not indicative of future results. Any decisions you may make to use a trading system is entirely your own and not in any way deemed to be endorsed by or attributed to AGN Futures, LLC or any affiliates. Copyright © AGN Futures, LLC

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