API Development

In our opinion, it is dedication to technology and speed that differentiates AGN in the fast paced electronic trading arena. AGN will provide technologies, tools and personnel along with a high level of personal attention and today’s trading resources.

AGN has a strategic relationships with many API sources . They develop high performance trade execution software and low latency direct market access to some of the world’s largest futures exchanges. You can connect your front end platforms to an API or we can help you place your own equipment directly near the exchange to achieve low latency execution.

System developers, professional day traders and screen designers interested in Trade execution choose to incorporate APIs, into their proprietary software or systems. Traders who integrate these Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) are then able to take advantage of what is believed by many to be the industry’s fastest and most reliable market data and order routing infrastructures, providing access to the futures and options markets.

R | API™ is a collection of C++ and/or .NET software libraries and interface definitions distributed under license to our professional customers. R | API provides unthrottled real-time market data, historical tick data, historical one-minute bars, as well as order execution and order management capabilities. For execution-only capabilities, a Financial Information eXchange (“FIX”) 4.2 compliant interface is also available.

CQG™ offers trading and data distribution for order execution and market data platforms, applications, and proprietary systems. They provide Direct Market Access to more than forty-five exchanges through thier worldwide network of co-located CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways. The high-speed market data feed consolidates data from over seventy-five sources.

CTS™ T4 API simplifies development, saving time and frustration. CTS’s own T4 Desktop is written directly to T4 API, which allows for any functionality available on the T4 front ends to be duplicated on any other 3rd party application. Microsoft.NET permits applications to be written in languages such as advanced C++, C#, and Visual Basic, among others. Visual Studio 2005 and later is supported. The T4 API utilizes a single SSL connection, enabling easy passage through firewalls.

Trading Technologies™ APIs provide normalized interfaces for interacting with all of the TT-connected exchanges.

◊ Take advantage of our robust, high-performance architecture.
◊ Programmatically drive orders and strategies.
◊ Choose from industry-standard or proprietary protocols.


  • Daily Statements
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • Fundemental Reports
  • Strategic view of supply and Demand
  • Intra day analysis of fundemental and technical developments
  • Volitility, Volume and Open Interest Reports
  • Access key market information from your PC and Mobile devices through AGN Mobile (powered by CQG) Free Demo available Sign up for Trial
  • Audio Reports

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