Commercial Hedging

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For commodity producers and consumers, risk management is an aspect that is too valuable to ignore. Producers and consumers of all commodities have seen the international marketplace growing and expanding, causing great fluctuations in commodity prices. Some of this variable risk can be limited with the implementation and execution of a proper hedging strategy.

Our goal is to work with you to meet your hedging needs. Our staff consists of liscenced experienced brokers allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible. We also make sure that you understand each of the trades as to how and why it is used in reference to your hedging plan.

Hedging Tools

  • Daily Statements
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • Fundemental Reports
  • Weather
  • Strategic view of supply and Demand
  • Intra day analysis of fundemental and technical developments
  • Volitility, Volume and Open Interest Reports
  • Access key market information from your PC and Mobile devices through AGN Mobile (powered by CQG) Free Demo available Sign up for Trial
  • Audio Reports

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