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Trade Futures & Options Products on the Major Exchanges Worldwide

About the Company

AGN Futures (AGN) is a brokerage firm focusing on core products for Futures, Commodities & Options for today’s active traders.

AGN supports active traders, institutional clients and API developers by offering proprietary technology and engineering solutions as well as industry leading third party Trading applications and Data feeds.

You will receive 24-hour-a-day worldwide trading capabilities, customized trading tools and a range of support services intended to enhance an individual trader’s ability to perform independently.

We offer traders a choice of account plans, each with a range of services from which the trader may elect to receive truly personalized service:

The Deep-Discount Account plan: This plan features services that may be customized to meet the requirements of professional, commercial and institutional investors, as well as those of the individual trader.

The Full Service Account plan: Designed for traders who want the same high standard of service available from our Deep-Discount Plan but who prefer a greater degree of support. Working one-on-one with a broker can help clients develop order entry, technical analysis and risk management skills. As well as help traders track their positions and equity.

AGN Futures is a dba of Express Futures Inc. an independent IB registered with the CFTC and a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

Tools & Services

  • Daily Statements
  • Customer Portal
  • Technical Analysis Tools
  • 24 Hour Trade Desk
  • Fundemental Reports
  • Weather
  • Strategic view of supply and Demand
  • Intra day analysis of fundemental and technical developments
  • Volitility, Volume and Open Interest Reports
  • Access key market information from your PC and Mobile devices through AGN Mobile (powered by CQG) Free Demo available Sign up for Trial
  • Audio Reports

Our Mission

The goal of AGN is to provide premier customer service combined with the latest technology in direct access multi-asset trading. With our current offerings AGN is providing customers from around the world access to the global derivatives markets.

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